Powered by The Game’s Most Used
- And Trusted - Technology

Whether customers are playing a competitive round at St Andrews® or practicing their short game, they should expect the most accurate and complete performance data behind each and every shot—and Total Range™ delivers. Powered by our GC-line of professional-grade launch monitors, no other technology comes close to the accuracy, reliability, and depth of performance analysis that Total Range™ can deliver.


Our Total Range™ solutions deliver everything your range needs to become the cutting-edge facility your customers demand.

From integrated pay-per-play gaming and analytics, to managing every aspect of the customer experience, we have a Total Range™ solution designed to meet your needs and budget.

Intuitive Service & Management Apps

Virtually every aspect of your facility’s operation – ticket purchasing, game and bay management, even ordering additional onsite services like food and beverages – has been designed into the Total Range™ customer & enterprise management system.

The Largest Library of Courses & Games in the Industry

From world-class championship courses, to a terrifying zombie horde, to skill-building fun on fairground-style games, Total Range™ delivers the largest, most comprehensive spectrum of performance and entertainment content available today.


3 Key Technology Layers

Every Total Range™ solution is just that – a complete, vertically-integrated solution that encompasses everything your facility needs to deliver a cutting-edge gameplay and entertainment experience.

Enterprise Layer

  • Ticketing / Pos
  • Enterprise Software
  • Enterprise Server

In-Bay Layer

  • Launch Monitors
  • Gaming Software

Range Layer

  • Range Monitors
  • Weather Monitors

A Team That Makes it Easy

Every Total Range™ solution we install starts with the same first step – getting to know you. By understanding your budget, your facility, your customers, and your business and revenue goals, we can build a comprehensive plan that not only makes the installation process simple and easy, it gets you to your goals faster. Our team will be there through every step, including:

Complete facility review & technology analysis

Complete installation plan with budget & timeline

Professional, full-service installation team

Precise 3D map of your range for virtual gameplay

Innovative & flexible financing options

With a history of delivering game-changing technology to the golf industry, Foresight Sports is uniquely qualified to be your partner for range entertainment solutions.


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