The Impact of Foresight Sports UpNext Program on Junior Golf


If you walk a PGA TOUR range, you’ll find that most players have a GCQuad launch monitor in tow. One swing. Check the numbers. Another swing. How do the numbers compare?

We’re in an age of information where data reigns king, and the best players in the world rely on it week in and week out. Their success gives them a high level of access and resources.

However, what if your goal is to reach the PGA TOUR, or even just compete with high level juniors? Could you be at a disadvantage if the competitor in the range stall next to you is learning from every swing while you are making assessments on your own?

Golf is a game of feel, but it’s also a game of numbers. Whether you’re writing down a score, getting a yardage to the flag or reaching for a 5-iron, golfers can’t escape numbers. And when you have numerical precision, your chances of success increase dramatically.

That’s what the UpNext Program is all about – making it easier for junior golfers to access accurate and precise swing data. Founded in 2009, Foresight Sports has long been at the forefront of revolutionising golf training and player development. To date, we tout UpNext as one of our most impactful endeavours.

What is the UpNext Program?

Let’s not bury the lead. We know cost is a barrier to accessing launch monitor and golf simulator technology. Foresight Sports’ UpNext Program tackles that challenge head on by providing participating juniors with discounts upwards of 50% off GC3 model.

This new-age player development program goes a step further with exclusive benefits such as webinars from top amateurs and coaches who provide best practices for getting the most out of Foresight Sports technology. Guests are relevant and engaging, take for example this recent webinar with Nick Dunlap – who in January became the first amateur to win on the PGA TOUR in more than 33 years.

Dunlap emphasized the importance of technology and data when it comes to dialing in his wedge play.

“Being precise is very important, I may have 103 yards to the pin but if you hit it 107, you’re making a bogey,” he said. “I use (GCQuad) a lot during my practice rounds. An underrated component of it all is being able to walk around with the Quad and place it by my ball, having that versatility is huge.”

As an added bonus, participants enjoy special deals on premier Bushnell Golf products to further refine their on-course precision.

Oh, and did we mention the swag? UpNext Program members receive a special edition UpNext carry bag that’s only available to this unique community of junior golfers.

What sets UpNext apart is its focus on more than just technology—it’s about cultivating a supportive network among talented young players who inspire each other’s growth. With a holistic approach to player development, including educational resources and a competitive environment, UpNext empowers young golfers to reach their full potential.

Applying for the UpNext Program

In line with the mission of UpNext, applying for the program requires a simple online submission. If the candidate is under the age of 18, the application must be completed by an adult on their behalf. In addition, applicants are required to share information about their tournament experience, average score and overall golf resume.

As golf continues to gain popularity, Foresight Sports commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that junior golfers have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. If the young golfer in your life could benefit from a growing peer community and wallet-friendly access to top-notch golf tech, CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

Whether your junior is tournament-tested or a budding beginner, there’s never been a better time to join the UpNext Program and experience the world of modern golf training firsthand.

What Current UpNext Members Are Saying

“My GC3 has helped me gain a better understanding of my numbers, which is crucial for improving my game. I feel more confident knowing my numbers when I’m playing in a tournament.” – Madison R.

“With the GC3, I have seen improvements in my scoring clubs. By collecting valuable data points, I now have a deeper understanding of my wedges and their exact distances. This new data has helped elevate my game and lower scores.” – Tyler W.

The Role of Technology in Modern Golf Training & Entertainment

A 2023 National Golf Foundation (NGF) study determined that roughly 6.2 million Americans hit golf balls with a club in a golf simulator within the year, a total that surged 73% compared to pre-pandemic levels. In this digital age where technology has become an indispensable tool for golfers, it’s also grown in the entertainment space.


The rise of simulation golf has captivated golfers of all ages, offering a fun and immersive alternative to traditional on-course play. That increased popularity is another reason why UpNext is extremely important to the future of golf – it provides more affordable access to the emerging space of golf simulators.

Foresight Sports’ innovative simulation technology, combined with advanced analytics, has revolutionised the way golfers train, compete and have fun. Moreover, simulation golf provides players with invaluable performance feedback, allowing golfers to track their progress and make data-driven adjustments to their game.

Want to know more? CHECK OUT THIS STORY on golf tips, practice habits and drills utilising Foresight Sports technology and simulators.

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