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Swing Catalyst – Dual Motion Plate

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The Dual Motion Plate provides you the most information of all the Swing Catalyst products. It gives you access to all the same force plate information as the Motion Plate system, including total horizontal shear force, vertical force, and torque. Additionally, with the Dual Motion Plate you are able to study the individual horizontal shear forces, the individual vertical forces, and the individual free moment (twisting forces) produced by each foot.

The Dual Motion Plate also provides all the same information as our Balance Plate. This includes the pressure heat mapping under each foot, stance width data, the location of the individual center of pressure (CoP) on each foot as well as the line joining them, and the percentage of pressure under each foot.

As with all of our sensor plates, the Dual Motion Plate data is perfectly synchronized with high-speed video images and data from the most popular launch monitors in the Swing Catalyst software.


  • Overall Center of Pressure
  • Center of Pressure R/L
  • Pressure Heat Mapping
  • Stance Width
  • Percentage R/L
  • Center of Pressure Velocity
  • Right Foot, Left Foot & Overall Horizontal Force (Front/Back and Toe/Heel)
  • Right Foot and Left Foot Free Moment Torque & Overall Torque (Person)
  • Overall Torque (Plate)
  • Right Foot, Left Foot & Overall Vertical Force

Coming Soon:

  • Markerless 3D Motion capture system
  • Calculations of Center of Mass (CoM)
  • PGA Tour averages for individual horizontal, shear forces and vertical forcesCalculations of Center of Mass (CoM)
  • 3D visualization of the GRF vectors

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Swing Catalyst – Dual Motion Plate
A$63,250.00 A$63,250.00

Availability: In stock (can be backordered)

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